RCEE - NIRAS works with renewable energy through advising and promoting renewable energy for scaling up the use of these for generation of electricity. The objective of the work has been to in-crease the supply of electricity from renewable energy sources on a commercially, environmentally and socially sustainable basis.

RCEE – NIRAS has been selected to support DEA Energy Partnership Programme (DEPP) between Viet Nam and Denmark aim to enhance the capabilities of ERAV, NLDC, PCs and other relevant stakeholders on forecasting of demand and VRE generation as well as on quantifying the need for and securing the availability of ancillary services to ensure the stability of the power system and well-functioning of the power market.

Under GIZ – funded Congestion Management Solutions for Reducing Renewable Energy Curtailment Project, RCEE – NIRAS has worked with international consultants to develop detailed - solutions (short-term, medium-term, long-term) for congestion management in order to reduce the risk of curtailment of RE power plants compatible to Viet Nam Power System and Power Market.

In the framework of Vietnam Low Emission Energy Project funded by USAID, RCEE – NIRAS local consultants has developed a characterization report which profiles current and future developers and identifies any gaps in the capacity to actually consummate renewable energy projects in Vietnam.

RCEE - NIRAS has participated in the project: Scoping Study on intra-ASEAN value chain cooperation and trade in energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies led by International Copper Association to study on policies and regulations regarding solar PV power projects in Vietnam including information on incentives for solar PV projects. Also, the local team has worked with local solar PV suppliers and project developers to develop case studies on Solar PV value chain in Vietnam.

In the framework of Capacity Building in clean technology in the industry and transport sectors Project funded by Asia Pro Eco Programme - European Commission, RCEE - NIRAS has conducted survey and report on biomass and Biofuels technologies to acquire more knowledge on local available techniques, materials and funds, and understand the inquiries on local needs for implementation of biomass combustion techniques and renewable transport fuels; and has contributed to design and implement the promotional material: website, leaflets, training material, and Elements for list of available EU instruments in ASEAN and of local Environmental Instruments and Measures.

RCEE - NIRAS cooperates with technology providers to promote alternative fuel / renewable energy solutions to heavy industries such as cement, steel, etc. as well as light process industries i.e food processing, wood processing. RCEE - NIRAS provide feasible study for the development of wind farms, land-fill projects, rice husk power plants. RCEE - NIRAS provide services for feasible study in wind farm, land-fill project, rice husk power plant.