RCEE-NIRAS provides a broad range of consultancy and advisory services across climate and environment disciplines, particularly in mitigation and low carbon development.

RCEE - NIRAS has successfully participated in GHG analysis projects and emission reduction programmes and capacity building services on climate change response and green growth at central and provincial/city levels. RCEE – NIRAS has successfully conducted a number of emission inventory development projects in various sectors, i.e. energy, industry, transport, agriculture, etc. Our team are experienced with emission data collection and emission modelling activities.

RCEE-NIRAS continuously supports Ministries, including MOIT, MONRE, MOC, MPI, etc. to strengthen their capacity on climate change initiatives and energy conservation in various industries in Vietnam. Currently, under financial supports from the USAID, our team are supporting industrial enterprises for their reporting energy consumption and GHG emission and helping them to get access to available sources of green finance in the market.

Under World Bank support, RCEE – NIRAS has participated in Partnership for Market Readiness Project to strengthen Vietnam’s capacity and readiness to mobilize national as well as international and state budget as well as private financial resources to support GHG emissions mitigations in steel sector, through proposing carbon pricing instruments and roadmap for application of Market based instruments (MBIs) in steel sector.

NIRAS Denmark and RCEE – NIRAS team have completed the contract Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA) in the cement sector under the cooperation between Nordic Development Fund and the Government of Vietnam. The cement NAMA project established a database for Vietnam’s cement sector and defined main components of the NAMA conceptual framework which includes baseline and mitigation options, Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) set-up, legal and institutional framework and financing arrangement.

RCEE – NIRAS led an international consortium to provide consultancy services on potential opportunities for key sectors in Vietnam to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the short and medium term to the World Bank under Carbon Finance Assistance Programme.

RCEE – NIRAS was involved to implement Consultancy Services for Advisory Services and Analytics on Options for Integrated Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) Framework and System for the Energy Sector and for the National MRV System and Criteria for Large GHG Emission Sources in Vietnam, financed by the World Bank. The project focus on analytical and advisory work to inform the World Bank’s policy dialogue and technical advice with Vietnam on suitable options for a MRV Framework and System for the Energy Sector; and criteria for identifying large GHG emissions sources in the Vietnamese context.

In order to help Vietnam to reach its long-term environmental goals while preparing its economy for more international trade, RCEE-NIRAS support the development of an accurate and competitive carbon labeling system in the country. RCEE-NIRAS has supported MOIT Vietnam to develop a plan for the Vietnamese carbon labeling system.

RCEE - NIRAS participated in the “project to support the planning and Implementation of NAMAs in a MRV manner”. The purpose of the project is to enhance the capacity of the Government of Vietnam concerning the planning and implementation of NAMAs. Part of the project activities is to develop and recommend a MRV system for the Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) that further can be applicable for other cities in Vietnam.