RCEE - NIRAS has extensive experience of supporting organisations in developing their capacities in strategic planning, monitoring, evaluation, reporting.

Local -based RCEE – NIRAS with strong capacity in monitoring and evaluation of donor supported energy program, experienced certified energy auditors and solid experience working with industrial enterprises in Vietnam, will contribute to informed decision-making, better allocation of resources and increased development outcomes.

RCEE – NIRAS has successfully supported Vietnam Regulatory Authority of Vietnam (ERAV)/ MOIT to implement Monitoring and evaluation of Distribution Efficiency Program (DEP), including GHG emission reduction calculation. The Consultant has developed the M&E framework for DEP Technical Assistances (TA) and capacity building activities to ERAV, in order to monitor the project’s implementation progress, assessing its impact and report on achievements, including energy savings and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions avoidance attributable to the different activities under the TA support as well as to assess impacts of capacity building activities carried out under the scope of the DEP.

RCEE – NIRAS has been selected for evaluating the impacts of the VNEEP phase II program, including assessing whether the program will manage to realize the target of 5-8% energy savings by end of 2015. In addition, the evaluation has provided insights into the lessons learned from the implementation practices, and recommendations to the future strengthening of the energy efficiency policy and implementation

Under Promoting Investment Market for Energy Efficiency in Industrial Sector in Vietnam Project funded by KOICA in cooperation with MOIT, RCEE – NIRAS has been selected to conduct monitoring and evaluation of consultancy provided by the project team to Vietnamese Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) in terms of ESCOs’ energy audit and financial planning for energy efficiency investment capacity.