RCEE-NIRAS strive to hire the best women and men from all over the country. Applicants are encouraged to apply regardless of gender, nationality, race, and culture – as long as they meet the requirements on education and experience.

The recruitment and selection of staff members in RCEE-NIRAS will be guided by the following five principles:

  • Competition: Selection will follow a visible and fair competitive process for all vacancies.
  • Objectivity: Screening will be conducted with professional rigor, with candidates measured against clearly articulated criteria, job skills and competencies and corporate priorities.
  • Transparency: The recruitment and selection criteria and all phases of recruitment processes will be transparent to staff and candidates to the fullest extent possible.
  • Diversity: Workforce at RCEE-NIRAS will reflect diversity and will strive to include equal numbers of men and women, as well as staff members representing the ethnic diversity of the country.
  • Accountability: Hiring managers will be held accountable both for their selection proposals and the manner, in which they have followed the processes leading up to them.