Introduction to Rcee-Niras

RCEE-NIRAS is a subsidiary of NIRAS A/S Company, founded in 1956 and is today a major Scandinavian multi-disciplinary consulting company with a staff of over 2,100 professionals. The NIRAS Group is a well-consolidated company with a gross turnover of around EUR 280 million. The company operates in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Arctic Region, and about 30% of the annual turnover is accrued from projects carried out internationally.

Building on its international experience, NIRAS provides technical expertise and results-oriented project management focusing on climate change, finance, green economy, grid integration of renewables, using renewable energy as heat and power production and district energy (heating/cooling), energy efficiency, resource efficiency in industrial processes, waste, water supply and sanitation, water resources, and natural resources to mention some branches. All consultancy work can be divided into core development areas (see illustration below).

NIRAS staffs work with all levels of national, local and regional public authorities, non-governmental organizations and the private sector to strengthen local capacity, primarily within agriculture, climate change, environment, water, agriculture, natural resources and infrastructure. Moreover, multi-disciplinary teams are used widely to provide advisory services within policy and strategy formulation, programme development and implementation, institutional and organizational development and strengthening technical skills in organizations. Services are provided at all stages of the project cycle in relation to capacity strengthening in the public and private sector.

In Vietnam, NIRAS has established RCEE-NIRAS, a joint venture with a local Vietnamese company (RCEE Energy and Environment Company) having its head office in Hanoi and 20 permanent staffs.

RCEE-NIRAS provides professional services in a wide range of expertise on energy, and emission mitigation issues in Vietnam with a high qualified consultant and an extensive network of national and international experts/specialists in different professional backgrounds. RCEE – NIRAS’s experts can work effectively in a multicultural, enabling and participatory team environment. For the last 20 years, RCEE-NIRAS has been provided technical services to variety of donor-funded and Government- funded projects related to energy and environment subjects, especially in the field of climate change mitigation, green growth, energy efficiency, energy management and renewable energy. Our main clients include international development agencies: World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Danish International Development Agency (Danida), French Development Agency (AFD); United States Agency for International Development (USAID); Ministries: Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Investment and Planning; as well as the private sectors. Our consulting business is organized in five main areas including: Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Climate Changes, Green Growth and SDG