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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy 

RCEE-NIRAS works with renewable energy through advising and promoting renewable energy such as Biogas and Solar energy systems for scaling up the use of these for generation of electricity for the grid. The objective of the work has been to increase the supply of electricity to the national grid from renewable energy sources on a commercially, environmentally and socially sustainable basis. RCEE-NIRAS cooperate with technology provider such as TAIM-WESSER (Spain), ABB (Switzerland) to promote alternative fuel / renewable energy solutions to heavy industries: cement, steel... as well as light process industries: sugar, wood, food. RCEE-NIRAS provide services for feasible study in wind farm, land-fill project, rice husk power plant.

Additionally RCEE-NIRAS works with the Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Programme, to increase market capacity for local entrepreneurs in development of bio electricity generation technology and to promote among rural community to use biogas in a sustainable way. By using biogas for cooking, for generating electricity and using biogas residues for fertilizer; plus improve awareness of farmers and local community in using biogas, the goal is to not only promote the use of biogas because of environmental protection but also for energy efficiency and for poverty reduction by productive use

Contact Info

Project Director

Ms. Phan Thi Minh Thao

Unit 901, Kham Thien Building, 193-195 Kham Thien, Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam

T:         +84 (24) 3786 8592
F:         +84 (24) 3786 8593
Email: thao.phan@rcee.org.vn

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