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Viet Nam has experienced a rapid economic growth over the last 20 years, bringing social improvements, but also raising new challenges. Therefore, in 2012 the government adopted the ambitious Viet Nam National Green Growth Strategy (VNGGS), mainly aimed at reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of the country's economy, and boosting 'green' economy sectors.

RCEE-NIRAS has actively provided research, training and policy consultancy on green growth at central and provincial levels. RCEE-NIRAS has been assigned to formulate Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for the Implementation of the National Green Growth Action Plan and carry out the Review of Legal Framework in four sector for Green Growth. At provincial level, RCEE-NIRAS provides trainings and consultancy to support their planning for low carbon development and green growth action plan. RCEE-NIRAS is assigned for preparing MACC analysis (Marginal Abatement Cost Curve) and formulating Provincial Green Growth Action Plans (P-GGAP).

The Viet Nam National Green Growth Strategy (VNGGS) 

The strategy has been inspired by green growth core principles, but also encompassing a cultural dimension. Implementation priorities focus on integrating Green Growth within the planning process and strengthening the legal and institutional framework. Investment guidelines for green projects and a funding entity to facilitate access to international climate finance are being developed. VNGGS is structured around 3 strategic tasks:

1.       Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting the use of clean and renewable energy. After 2020, it targets an absolute disconnection of greenhouse gas emissions from economic growth, i.e. a decrease of damage linked to emissions.

2.       Greening production based on i) Implementation of a clean industrialization strategy via adjusting sector master plans; ii) Development of green industry, agriculture, technologies and equipment; iii) Investment in natural capital; iv) Prevention and treatment of pollution. VNGGS aims to reduce external costs, but it is based on marginal carbon cost-abatement studies, which do not integrate externalities [WB 2014b].

3.       Greening lifestyle where traditional lifestyle is combined with means to create quality and traditionally rooted living standards, including the creation of green jobs. New consumption modes should prevent that environmental benefits are counterbalanced by increased consumption.

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