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Project of low carbon transition in the energy sector in Vietnam
05/03/2013 14:51

In March 2013, RCEE-NIRAS consultant team will start the Inception Mission in support of the Project: ..... Read more...

AEMAS training course in 2012 report
01/03/2013 11:09

Totally, five (05) training courses were organized in the period from July 2012 to present (December 2012) with more than 118 registered ...... Read more...

Four more projects successfully registered in EB in 2012
21/02/2013 12:20

In addition to 7 projects have been successfully registered in EB last time, RCEE-NIRAS has contributed.... Read more...

RCEE-NIRAS has been awarded the contract of “Comprehensive survey and analysis of emerging energy efficiency service providers or ESCOs in Vietnam”
28/01/2013 17:34

RCEE-NIRAS has been awarded the contract of “Comprehensive survey and analysis of emerging energy efficiency service .... Read more...

Energy Audit for Chinfon Cement Corporation , Haiphong
24/01/2013 10:37

After some time for investigating and negotiating, RCEE-NIRAS has successfully signing contract with Chinfon Cement...... Read more...

Project “Establishment of an Energy Savings Scheme in the Steel Sector in Vietnam” – Inception Meeting on 18th December, 2012.
10/01/2013 11:53

The project “Establishment of an Energy Savings Scheme in the Steel Sector in Vietnam” is funded by the French...... Read more...

Ta Thang hydropower project successfully registered in September, 2012
09/01/2013 10:51

The 60MW Ta Thang Hydropower Project was successfully registered to CDM Executive Board (EB) on 10 September 2012, marking the 7th ..... Read more...

Capacity building on climate change under the project “Support for the national target program on climate change with a Focus on Energy and Transport”
07/01/2013 12:16

In the framework of the project funded by the Nordic Development Fund through the Asian..... Read more...

New project of Energy savings scheme in the steel sector in Vietnam
03/12/2012 16:48

RCEE-NIRAS has just started the Project to establish an energy savings scheme in the steel sector in Vietnam..... Read more...

Su Pan 2 hydropower project reached the stage verification
30/10/2012 14:31

Su Pan 2 Hydropower Plant is located in Ban Ho village, Su Pan Commune, Sa Pa District, Lao Cai Province...... Read more...

Project Workshop: “Promoting energy efficiency and conservation among industry and building sectors
29/10/2012 11:44

Research Center for Energy and Environment (RCEE) has organized a meeting to report the results of the assignment: “Promoting energy efficiency and conservation among Read more...

Plan for Pilot Energy Efficiency Project for Agricultural Pumping Stations in Vietnam
26/10/2012 11:41

The project:” Survey on energy consumption at agricultural pumping stations and Pilot Energy Effciency Project” is co-funded by..... Read more...

RCEE-NIRAS Jsc. corporates with Hanoi City Power Corporation to implement Energy Management Services for enterprises
21/09/2012 14:16

Hanoi City Power Corporation (EVN Hanoi) has signed the agreement/ corporation with RCEE-NIRAS to implement Energy Management Services for enterprises in Hanoi..... Read more...

Vietnamese DNA requires the project owner and the consultant to submit a report every 6 months
24/08/2012 17:08

According to Document No. 359/KTTVBDKH by the Department of Hydro-Meteorology and Climate Change (DNA Vietnam)...... Read more...

Market survey on Jatropha Plantation Development in Vietnam
20/08/2012 10:32

During the period from May to August 2012, RCEE –NIRAS has supported the Singaporean partner, Agrinergy Pte Ltd., with a market survey on Jatropha ........ Read more...

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