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Project Polygeneration technical demonstration for the fishery industry in Can Tho (Enerfish).-  Completion of installation phase

Since December 2011, the project team led by Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) in cooperation with RCEE NIRRAS and other international partners such as: Preseco – Finland; Vahterus – Finland; TUV – Germany etc. has completed the installation of  a new polygeneration system with renewable energy at Hiep Thanh Seafood Processing Factory, located in Can Tho Province. This activitiy has been implemented under the framework of Enerfish project funded by EC , aiming to demonstrate the application of polygeneration for the fishery industry in Vietnam. The waste products from fish processing such as fish heads, entrails, skeleton, fat… are collected to produce the biodiesel, which is supplied to the generator to generate the electricity for the local cooling/freezing system and heating system. In addition, a power surplus is supplied for the local industrial use or the grid network. According to the schedule, the first biodiesel batch will be produced on February, 15, 2012.
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