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The crisis of climate change is regarded as the biggest challenge to the humanity in the 21st century. To cope with it, the global community has committed to the agreement on controlling the global average temperature through nationally determined contributions in greenhouse gas emission reduction measures. Vietnam has set out the target of GHG emission reduction of 8% by 2030 compared to Business-As-Usual scenario, with its own human, natural and capital resources. The national target would require the climate actions at provincial level, in which different actions of GHG emission reduction have been proposed, depending on the specific conditions of economic strength, infrastructure development, social standards and human capital of those provinces.

In order to weight the appropriation of the GHG emission reduction solutions and prioritize the resources for climate actions, the Marginal Abatement Cost Curve (MACC) is utilized to combine the economic and technical features of GHG emission reduction goals. MACC provides a comprehensive picture on different options and considers the capacity on suitable investment period. The advantage of MACC is being simple, easy to construct, easy to understand, suitable to policy advocacy. Therefore, MACC applications are globally popular, and more common in emission intensive sectors such as power generation, energy efficiency, transportation, agriculture, and industry.

The most common software for analysing MACC is MACC Builder Pro. It is a very flexible tool with lots of options. This free trial tool provides professional charts with categories. With MACC Builder Pro, users can create professional MACC charts, for inclusion in reports and publications. The obtained charts can be sent to Microsoft Word or Powerpoint from the built-in function of MACC Builder Pro.

Picture 1. Color coding abatement options

MACC Builder Pro allows for flexible display of results and naming. Abatement options can be named using callouts with the project name or with numbers or letters of technologies. Annotations can be dragged and dropped to adjust spacing (not using Excel 2003). The chart can be accompanied by a project portfolio of up to four dozen of additional and different data values​​. Statistical summaries can also be added to MACC outputs.

The presentation of MACC Builder Pro is more creative than other tools. Users can communicate about the project or technical characteristics of the return or internal rate of return as well as the traditional cost reduction. These representations may overcome some limitations of the MACCs and provide different ways of addressing the strengths and weaknesses of different options. Users can even choose a chart based on "variance" from a given value, or users can draw an index line.

In Vietnam, MACC Builder Pro has been employed by the experts of RCEE-NIRAS to assess the GHG emission reduction solutions of such sectors as power generation, transportation, agriculture, industry and waste management towards their costs, which would consequently be the inputs for developing the provincial green growth action plans.

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