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RCEE – NIRAS has been selected to support Nippon Koei to conduct an assignment to review the possibility to apply Energy Service Company (ESCO) model in Quang Ninh province. The assignment is an early activity under Pilot Activity on Promotion of Incentive for Energy Saving and Management such as ESCO Project, Subsidy, etc. in the Project for Green Growth Promotion in Ha Long Bay Area, Quang Ninh Province supported by JICA and implemented by a consortium led by Nippon Koei Co. Ltd. The result of this report will serve as inputs for the Steering Committee led by DPI in Quang Ninh to decide the next steps.

In Vietnam, ESCO is new concept and there is insufficient legislation framework to facilitate the energy performance contracts (EPC), a special type of energy efficiency contract. MOIT/GDE is in process to study and design suitable incentives and policies for such business model. Under MOIT/GDE’s initiatives, some ESCO related training courses have been designed and conducted recently

Under limited time frame and resources of this assignment, the Consultant has selected some ESCOs and assessed their ESCO models, EPC contracts and their ESCO references in order to provide an overall picture of this EE business model

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