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Under the Clean Production and Energy Efficiency Project (CPEE), a joint effort by the World Bank and Ministry of Industry and Trade, the consortium of RCEE – NIRAS and ENTERTEAM has been selected to conduct the assessment of energy efficiency saving potential in pulp and paper sector in Vietnam.  The assignment has been carried in cooperation with the international consultant and provide inputs for the development of a proposal for energy efficiency action plan for Vietnam Pulp and Paper. Also, the assignment will include the technical guidelines for the draft circular on energy efficiency in pulp and paper.

Energy consumption in Vietnam paper facilities has varied, depending on different technologies, raw materials, product properties, etc. The Consultant has assessed the energy consumption situation in the pulp and paper sector through sector survey on energy consumption at factory level and through walk through audits at 20 selected pulp and paper factories. Based on the collected data, the Consultant team has developed the energy benchmarking for sub-sectors and developed the proposed energy efficiency scenarios as well as applicable energy saving measures in pulp and paper industry in Vietnam.

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