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Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) proposal for Energy Efficiency in buildings in the Kingdom of Bhutan is part of ADB TA 8630 – Package IV. Promoting Clean Energy Development in Bhutan - F-004 Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) System. RCEE – NIRAS has joint the consortium led by NIRAS for the implementation of this project which commenced in June 2014. 

This report shall support the development of a NAMA in the Energy sector in Bhutan. During the Inception phase it has been clarified to prepare a NAMA proposal according to international standard within the energy sector which should have a form which could be presented to both national and international bodies for implementation support.     

The building sector is a very inhomogeneous sector, with for instance different type of households, schools, hotels, shops, public administration etc. Due to limited data availability the challenge will be to set-up a proper baseline and cost estimates for recommended mitigation actions.

The objective of the NAMA study is to examine the options for climate financing of the potential mitigation actions in the building sector in Bhutan. It should clarify how mitigation actions can be scaled up and financed through NAMA mechanisms.    


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