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Under the cooperation framework between Niras Vietnam and Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) in providing Technical Service for Low Carbon LCEE EE financing mechanism, on March 2016 NIRAS Vietnam’s experts  have pre- checked the project: Conversion of Coal fired boiler into Biomass fired boiler of ABC Joint stock company (ABC) at  Kha Duy, Doan Dao commune, Phu Cuong District, Hung Yen Province.

ABC was established in 2006 and operated in the filed of animal feed production. ABC has been owning 1 coal fired boiler and 01 rice husk fired boiler which were installed in 2009 and 2011. These boilers provide steam for the operation of 03 trusses pellet mills in animal feed production line.  The average operation time is 24 hours per day for rice husk fired boiler and 9 hours per day for coal fired boiler.

Currently, due to the high demand of the aquaculture feed  production, the steam inquires is being increased while the current boilers has a lot of disadvantages, ABC has decided to invest  01 biomass fired steam boiler  with a capacity of 6 tons per hour and the pressure design of 10 bars using CFB furnace technology with high performance in replacement of the existing biomass/coal fired boiler.

The replacement of boiler technology means completely replacing the fuel from fossil fuels (coal) to biomass fuels. This new technology will help ABC in saving energy cost, and also deducting 100% CO2 emission because the biomass fuel has short life cycle of CO2 and it is not counted into CO2 emission causing GHG.

The new boiler using the Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler (CFB) technology and is designed to enable operation by biofuels from agriculture waste. This new design allows controlling the refuelling and optimal combining between air and fuel input.  It will help saving the power consumption. The advantage of the new boiler is high automatic capability, high performance, thoroughly dust processing and can take full advantage of the heat from the flue gas. With the design of boiler body insulation by rock wool and layer coated by PPGI it will help minimizing the losing heat due to  radiation into the environment.

Through the field survey program combining with document verification and professional experience, Niras Vietnam’s experts – the project’s TSP - asserted that ABC has decided to invest into the project as the context of initial proposal. The solution of converting coal / rice husk fired boiler to rice husk fired boiler will  completely achieved the project ‘s minimum technical standard, with available water treatment system, condensate recovery systems,  water warming & air drying system, the temperature of distribution pipe’s surface is not exceed 60 C degree.  Beside that, to optimise the system, ABC should focus on the maintenance processes of the steam trap equipment on the pipes. In addition, the energy efficiency potential of the project is estimated at 25,16% and is higher than the expected  amount of annual GHG emission reduction, estimated at 1,484 tons CO2/ year. 
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