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Meet potential partners, get new input and perhaps even share you own experiences at Green Biz 2013

Hanoi 19th and 20th September 2013

The  Danish embassy is glad to give Danish companies the opportunity to
participate in the most comprehensive sustainability event in Vietnam, GREEN-BIZ 2013.  The event is an integrated  two-day B2B and B2G event that
comprises a conference with an international  exhibition, both addressing
Vietnam’s most pressing challenges and feasible opportunities for Green
Growth & Investments. Furthermore it will showcase European Green Business
Solutions for Vietnam, enable public-private dialogue and create a bridge for

Vietnamese and European Businesses.

Why Vietnam?
Vietnam is considered one of the ‘Next 11 Countries’ and forecasted to
become the world’s 17th largest economy by 2025. The economy is booming,
and thus, the demand for energy, water supply, solid and water waste
treatment are increasing dramatically. In recent years the government has
recognized the critical need to reform and restructure the economy aimed at
sustainable and quality growth. This entails the need to  generate growth
through increased use of clean/green technology that enhances the efficiency

of resource utilization.

Areas of interest
Some of the major green opportunities in Vietnam for Danish businesses
  Energy Efficiency  –  The energy consumption of Vietnam is annually
projected to increase more than 10 % during the period 2011-2020,
reaching a 5-7 times increase by 2030. This will undoubtedly pave the
way for decision makers in industry and state to invest in the
conservation and efficient use of energy.
  Renewable Energy  –  The rapid increase in energy demand likewise
present opportunities within renewable energy in Vietnam. This is to a
large extent still an untapped potential in Vietnam, but the National
Energy Development Strategy has set the renewable energy targets of
5.6 % by 2020 and 9.4 % by 2030.
  Waste Management  –  The need to utilize waste economically and
efficiently is evident in Vietnam, as household daily produce more than
60.000 tonnes of waste, which to a large extent is dumped in landfills
and thus not  recycled profitably. The waste treatment sector
experienced promising growth rates of 7.8 % in 2012, but the

household waste production is expected to double by 2020.

Deadline for registration: 30 August 2013

For further information, please click here

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