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In December 2007, to explore CDM potential in Vietnam cement industry, project titled “A study on CDM potential in cement industry in Vietnam” has been sponsored by The Embassy of Denmark Hanoi, Vietnam. A team of partners from Denmark (VMAS) and Vietnam (RCEE, VICEM and VABM) were working for the completion of this project.

The project selected 11 (eleven) cement plants with large CDM potential. Five among 11 of  these plants were prepared PINs using the approved methodology: AM0024 (Cogeneration from waste heat) and AMS-II.D (Energy efficiency). To illustrate realizable CDM projects in Vietnamese cement industry, let’s study the following data:

  • Name of project:          Hoang Thach Cement Plant
  • Production capacity:    6,600 tons clinker/day
  • Methodology:              AM0024
  • Financing:                   VICEM
  • CER potential:             Approximately 30.000 tons/year
  • Project status:             Completion of Feasibility Study Phase
  • Time of CER issue:    As soon as the system comes into operation with successful EB registration.
According to the VNCA (Vietnam National Cement Association), in early 2012, there were 60 cement plants in operation with total capacity of nearly 60 million tons/year. Therefore, the potential to assess CDM projects in Viet Nam can be exploited with appropriate CDM-methodology such as cogeneration, energy efficiency, fuel switching, increased blending or alternative raw materials. The sooner EDK (Project buyer) and VICEM (Project seller) take a decision on which project should be subject

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