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16/01/2012 15:04


Project Name:  ENERFISH - Integrated Renewable Energy Solutions for Seafood Processing

Client: European Commission

Project Duration:  2009 – 2010


Project Description

 Fish farming and processing plants in Vietnam produce frozen fish fillet with capacity from some tonnes per day to dozens tonnes/day. One third of fresh fish is yielded as fillet and the rest of fish is treated as fish cleaning wastes. There are some alternatives for utilisation of fish cleaning wastes, one of them is biodiesel and energy production at own factory.

ENERFISH is an international cooperation project to develop and demonstrate integrated renewable energy solutions for fish-processing plants, based on high efficiency polygeneration using fish-waste derived fuel, and based on environment-friendly cascade cooling/freezing using CO2. The objectives of the project are: (i) to develop and demonstrate polygeneration technologies in the fish processing sector using locally produced RES; (ii) to develop and demonstrate a cooling/freezing cascade based on CO2; (iii) To erect a demonstration plant in Vietnam; (iv) To exploit and disseminate demonstrated technology widely in Europe by market potential surveys and training of staffs

Contact Info

Unit 901, Kham Thien Building,193-195 Kham Thien 
Dong Da district, Hanoi, Vietnam

Telephone: +84 (24) 3786 8592
Facsimile: +84 (24) 3786 8593
Email: rcee.jsc@rcee.org.vn

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