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With the slogan "We listen, We learn, We deliver", it’s not only applied to our customers, it’s also applied to all staffs of the company. Please share your thoughts about NIRAS Vietnam, please let us listen to your voice and together we can build the professional working environment, contribute to the development of our company’s business.    


"With me, working for NIRAS Vietnam is a fate. I had never thought that one day I would work in Energy Management field and gained the firm success as now. Before joining NIRAS Vietnam, I had 5 years working in IT field which is very different from what I am doing here.

I had a chance to cooperate with NIRAS Vietnam through some projects related to energy efficiency. Thanks to these co-works, I was offered to work as permanent staff here since 2010. At NIRAS Vietnam, I am in charge of managing the Energy Management Services Unit as well as coordinating the Energy Efficiency auditing program.

As we all know, persuading customers doing the en-audit program is not easy due to not much updated information about it’s benefits, thus the purpose of most enterprises is to comply with the government policy. It’s a real challenge, urging us to find the way to enhance the enterprise’s awareness,  to focus on improving the energy audit reports’ quality, the energy efficiency solutions feasibility etc. We need to create the good effect, once a company realizes the en-audit program’s benefits, other companies would follow.

In our company, we have advantages in updating the lastest knowledge, exchanging experiences with national/ international experts in different professional backgrounds. Especially, NIRAS Vietnam has solid foundation to join into any national and international projects. Personally, I think NIRAS Vietnam is fully converged the necessary and sufficient conditions for anyone who really wants to work and gain the success”.

Shared by Mr. Vu Tien Dat, 33 years old

He holds Master of Art of International of Trade and Finance. He has been working for NIRAS Vietnam since April 2010.