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With the slogan "We listen, We learn, We deliver", it’s not only applied to our customers, it’s also applied to all staffs of the company. Please share your thoughts about NIRAS Vietnam, please let us listen to your voice and together we can build the professional working environment, contribute to the development of our company’s business.    


I started working in NIRAS Vietnam about 9 years ago, just after my graduation. This was a great opportunity for a newbie like me working in a young, dynamic and friendly environment. Here, for the first time, I heard about Climate Change and its impacts. I was lucky to work for several Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects developed by RCEE and have learnt many things about renewable energy, energy efficiency, environment management. 

I re-joined NIRAS Vietnam last year -2015, after 2 years of MBA and 5 years of experience working in business and project financing in chemical and infrastructure fields. I am very impressed by NIRAS Vietnam’s growth but I do not find it strange. It’s like coming back home after a long journey. I still feel the young, dynamic, friendly and also very professional environment. I know I have to work hard to catch-up with new knowledge such as Green Growth, new concept of Carbon Market Mechanism under Kyoto Protocol.

Recently, NIRAS Vietnam gives me chances to work with big projects such as Vietnam NAMA cement, Joint Crediting Mechanism, Energy efficiency in Food Processing Industry etc. Those are very challenging duties to me but thanks to these projects, I have acquired new knowledge quickly and practically. Working in NIRAS Vietnam, for me, means to accept challenges, accept criticisms in a positive way and keep learning continuously to improve myself. My target is just to keep that motivation and working spirit in the coming years”.

                                                Shared by Thanh Mai - Energy Expert/ RCEE- NIRAS 

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